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Ultimate Mobility Pack

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The Ultimate Mobility pack consists of the CoreBand, Massage Ball and individual BodyBand, a perfect combination of resistance bands to keep you active and mobile anywhere you go. Non pinching fabric and anti slip technology allows you to complete workouts with your selected resistance bands in comfort. Use the CoreBand to stretch-out those stiff muscles or the Massage Ball to get deep into knotted up muscle tissue after a tough resistance band workout! 

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T-Shirt Size Chart 

Sizes Width (CM) Length (CM)
XS 41 66
S 46 69
M 51 71
L 56 74
XL 61 76
2XL 66



Small - Purple: The smallest of all the Core Bands, this size is ideal for the smaller athlete, children and anyone under a height of 170cm.

Medium - Blue: This size is the most suitable for athletes and anyone with different ranges of flexibility and with a height range of 170cm-190cm.

Large - Yellow: Being a longer band, this size is suitable for the bigger and taller athletes. It is also suitable for anyone with a height range of 190cm or more and with relatively poor flexibility.