F.A.P Patch Trucker Hat
F.A.P Patch Trucker Hat

F.A.P Patch Trucker Hat

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A staple for the summer and the outdoor trainer, the For A Purpose Trucker hat features the VeraSports logo and tag line on a circular patch. Each hat comes with a breathable mesh back panel and adjustable SnapBack strap. 

The design available for this item is black and red with VeraSports circle patch logo in red and black. 

T-Shirt Size Chart 

Sizes Width (CM) Length (CM)
XS 41 66
S 46 69
M 51 71
L 56 74
XL 61 76
2XL 66



Small - Purple: The smallest of all the Core Bands, this size is ideal for the smaller athlete, children and anyone under a height of 170cm.

Medium - Blue: This size is the most suitable for athletes and anyone with different ranges of flexibility and with a height range of 170cm-190cm.

Large - Yellow: Being a longer band, this size is suitable for the bigger and taller athletes. It is also suitable for anyone with a height range of 190cm or more and with relatively poor flexibility.