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The Importance of Mobility - #1

The Importance of Mobility - #1

The Importance of Mobility Before you read this I want you all to know that I am not a professional physiotherapist and all information I write abo...


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CoreBand Stretches

Join Professional Rugby Player; Grayson Hart as he takes you through a series of stretches that keeps him supple and ready to perform at the elite level.


Using the CoreBand has increased my range of movement and flexibility greatly! After using other stretch bands in the past that were just too soft, I found that the amount of tension the CoreBand has is perfect for keeping my range of movement and performance consistent. Thanks!

Randall Kamea - Colomiers ProD2 Rugby, France

Playing International Lacrosse alongside a full-time job means that I have to take individual responsibility for my recovery and game prep. The mobility pack has really made this easier, improving my flexibility and freeing up tight muscles - which in turn keeps me off the physio bed! Thanks VeraSports!

Lucy Fowler - Wales Women's Lacrosse

Thanks VeraSports for the coreband, the tension is spot on. I'm using it all the time to loosen off my tight hammies! 

Nicky Price - Australia Rugby 7s

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