Custom Tee
Custom Tee
Custom Tee

Custom Tee

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A custom made to order tee of your very own. Just simply send us your brand design and we'll do your best. Some designs may be too complex for our software however we are open to trying anything.

We don't take payment until confirmation has been received so you get exactly what you want.

Just send us an email with your brand design in high resolution jpeg format.  A mock tee will be sent via email for you to check and change if needed.

T-Shirt Size Chart 

Sizes Width (CM) Length (CM)
XS 41 66
S 46 69
M 51 71
L 56 74
XL 61 76
2XL 66



Small - Purple: The smallest of all the Core Bands, this size is ideal for the smaller athlete, children and anyone under a height of 170cm.

Medium - Blue: This size is the most suitable for athletes and anyone with different ranges of flexibility and with a height range of 170cm-190cm.

Large - Yellow: Being a longer band, this size is suitable for the bigger and taller athletes. It is also suitable for anyone with a height range of 190cm or more and with relatively poor flexibility.